About Me

I am Al Amin, an enthusiastic student of optics, so I may be biased when I say that optics is one of the most critical fields. It doesn’t matter what type of optics we are talking about – optics for astronomy, medicine, engineering, or pleasure – all types are essential.

I like to think of optics as one of our most basic human needs combined with pleasure and creativity. Understanding how it works and learning new things makes working in this field so rewarding.

I’ve been working in optics for many years now as an astronomer and photographer. In my studies of lenses, binoculars, and microscopes, I have seen many applications related to optics, and it has always been a source of great fascination for me.

I stumbled into optics almost by accident. My dad was always fascinated with the natural world and would spend hours studying the skies through his own gear. It always made me happy to see how much he enjoyed it. When I started college, I realized that my passion for optics matched his. Optics is one of our foundational needs combined with pleasure and creativity; it’s also ultimately rewarding because you’re creating something beautiful from nothing.

Yes, I am biased when I talk about how excellent working in optics can be. While studying engineering or astronomy, I’ve learned new things in this field that was unexpected and never got old. It might be easy to dismiss optical study just because it is not well known, but the things I’ve learned here can’t be found anywhere else.

I’m now comfortable with many optical devices, and I’ve mastered microscopes, binoculars, and my favorite — lenses. It was hard to learn how to use them without help, but my dad taught me how to see through a telescope, so I didn’t just know optics from my own studies (which weren’t many), but also to teach others.

When I’m not hunting down optical tips, I enjoy spending time in the forest. Whether it’s with my family or friends, I feel like I’m a kid again and am made happy by every minute. This blog was created as a way for me to share my knowledge and love of optics with family and friends. And also as an opportunity for discussion on optics and how to use them.

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