How to Clean Nikon Lens

How to Clean Nikon Lens: A Complete Cleaning Guide to Follow

Nikon lenses require special cleaning procedures to ensure the best performance and prevent damage to the camera. This article will provide information on how to clean a Nikon lens and tips on keeping your lenses working at their best.

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Can I Clean the Outside and Inside of My Nikon Lens?

Yes, you can clean the outside and inside of your Nikon lens.

To clean the outside of your lens, ensure it is dry before using a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and dirt. For stubborn dirt, use a slightly damp cloth or water sprayer to remove surface grime.

Which Type of Lens Cleaning Solution Should I Buy?

Which Type of Lens Cleaning Solution Should I Buy

There are two types of lens-cleaning solutions:

1. Water-based cleaners

2. Oil-based cleaners

Water-based cleaners contain ingredients such as water, soap, and alcohol that can break down dirt and other contaminants on the surface of your lenses. They also have a smaller chance of causing damage to your lens than oil-based solutions because they don’t contain any abrasive particles or solvents that could scratch or etch the surface of your lenses.

Oil-based cleaners are suitable for removing grease and fingerprints because they can penetrate deep into the pores in the lens surface without being affected by oils or lubricants that can cause smudges and streaks on the lens.

We have listed some best and safe cleaning lens kits to clean the Lens body correctly:

Many cleaning products are available in the market, but it is always better to stick with trusted brands like Nikon.

Some of the benefits of using these branded products are:

• They have been tested and approved by experts and contain no harmful chemicals.
• A good reputation in the market for their quality, reliability, performance, and durability.
• Come with a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with them.

How Should I Clean my Nikon Lens with Cleaning kits?

Now, let’s talk about how to clean your Nikon lens. First, detach the lens from the camera. Next, you need a manual blower to remove those pesky particles that get stuck behind the lens. Use the soft-bristled brush to remove the dust on the lens’s surface.

Gently clean your Nikon lens with a cleaning wipe/lens tissue. Then, gently apply a light coating of liquid cleaning spray to a microfiber cloth and rub it gently on the surface of the lens. The oil, smudges, dirt, and fingerprints will quickly come off.

See! It’s that easy! But these are just the necessary cleaning process. We will discuss every cleaning process for your Nikon Lens in more detail.

Using the Air Blower

First, you must use the manual hand air blower to remove all the light dust from the Nikon Lens surface. But kindly ensure that your Air Blower’s brand is good enough to produce the perfect air pressure for much better cleaning results. You can use our recommended Giottos Rocket Air Blower for excellent cleaning results. Now you can create the ideal amount of air pressure with your air blower and clean all those light dirt and dust from the lens surface. Blow it from a few centimeters away.

Soft Bristled lens Brush.

Now let’s use our Soft Bristled Brush to clean the remaining hard dust spots and dirt from the Nikon Lens Surface. But you should ensure your Soft Bristle Brush is made with camel or goat hair. It will save your Nikon Lens from getting scratched. Also, you can use the LensPen NLP-1 cleaning brush. It will give a superior solution.

Cleaning Wipes

You can use the Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wipes as we recommended. Because it’s super convenient, it gives spotless clean, Cost-effective while purchasing. Now use these wipes to gently clean the lens surface and remove the rear dust spots. Please do not rub it with too much force. It will help to remove all the dust marks from your Nikon lens surface.

Using the Liquid Lens Cleaning Solution Spray and Microfiber Cloths

We already recommended the Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray and Eco-Fused Microfiber Cleaning cloths. These products are highly rated and 100% safe for applying on your Nikon Lens. Here’s how you will use them: spray some Zeiss Lens Cleaner on those cleaning cloths, then rub them on your Nikon Lens body surface in a circular motion for five to ten seconds.

Finally, for the finishing touch, take another dry Zeiss microfiber cloth/ lens tissue and gently wipe all over the lens body surface two times for a great ending to your complete cleaning session. 

Keep your lens clean with lens tissue, and keep the rear cover on the lens. Dust can get in there, but it’s difficult to clean the lens if you remove the screws. Rear covers are always good for keeping dust out of your camera, so they are necessary for maintaining quality photography.

Can I Clean Nikon Camera Lens with Alcohol?

Yes, you can clean a Nikon lens with alcohol. However, this is not recommended because it will degrade the quality of your pictures and potentially damage the camera lens.

To clean a camera lens with alcohol:

1) Take off the Nikon lens cap and wipe the outside of the lens with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust particles.

2) Fill a small bowl with water and add 1-2 drops of dish soap to make a soapy solution.

3) Dip an old toothbrush into the soapy solution and gently scrub away any stubborn stains on your camera lens that have been left behind by fingerprints or other contaminants that have settled on your Nikon lens over time.

How do you clean the dust out of a Nikon lens?

There are a few ways to clean the dust off your camera lens.

1. Cleaning it with a cloth is probably the most convenient method, but it is not always practical. A cloth can be used to wipe off the surface of the lens, or in some cases, it can be dipped into a cleaning solution.

2. Using a cleaning kit: Most of these kits have a soft brush and blower that you use to blow air onto the lens, which then dislodges dust particles and other debris from the surface of your lens.

3. Vacuum cleaner: If you don’t want to invest in one specifically for this purpose, then any vacuum cleaner will do, as long as it has an attachment designed for small objects like camera lenses (most regular vacuums don’t).

What household item can I use to clean my Nikon camera lens?

A practical method of cleaning a camera lens is to use a microfiber cloth. Another option would be to use a lens cleaning fluid that you can buy at any camera store.

You can also clean your lens with baby wipes, but this should only be done when necessary as it may not work as well and could scratch the surface of your lens.

How do you clean a blurry camera lens?

1. Put the camera lens in a bowl of hot water and then add a few drops of dish soap.

2. Using your fingers, rub the dirt from the lens with a wet cloth or paper towel until you can see through it again.

3. Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe away any remaining grime from the lens before putting it back into your camera body.

How do I open my camera lens to clean it?

Your camera’s lens is generally on the front of the camera, so it’s easy to get at.

First, ensure you have turned off your camera and removed any memory cards from the slot.

Next, remove the battery if it is still in place. This will prevent accidental damage to your camera while cleaning.

Now you can use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or other similar cleaning solution to gently clean away dust and debris from around the lens barrel. You may also use a microfiber cloth with a bit of soap added to give it extra scrubbing power.

Does dust lens affect image quality?

Nikon lenses are not affected by dust and have a special coating that repels dirt and dust particles.

There is no harm in cleaning your lens with a soft cloth or tissue to remove any small particles that may be on the lens.

How much does Nikon charge for lens cleaning?

Nikon charges $59.95 for the kit, which includes one lens (you can buy multiple kits). The shipping cost is included in the price of the equipment, so it would be $59.95 + shipping per camera lens that you need to clean with this kit.

How do you remove fungus from a Nikon lens?

There are a few ways to remove fungus from a Nikon lens.

First, you can try cleaning the lens with water and rubbing alcohol. You should also ensure that there is no moisture present on the surface of the lens when you start cleaning it.

Another way to remove fungus is by using canned air. Simply blow into the airstream at high speed and watch as any fungus particles get sucked up by the air stream and deposited in your trash can or another designated place for disposal.
Finally, if you have a Nikon DSLR camera body with a removable mirror, you can replace the mirror assembly without having to do anything else to fix this problem.

How do you clean the inside of this lens?

The inside of a Nikon lens is not easily accessible, so the best way to clean it is to use a brush or cleaning cloth and lens tissue.

However, if you don’t have these items at hand, then you can use the following steps:

1. Remove any filters from the lens.

2. Turn off your camera and remove the battery if possible.

3. Take out your camera’s memory card (if there is one) and put it in an empty slot on your computer or other devices that can read memory cards.

4. Hold the lens’s front element over an air-tight container with just enough water to cover it but no more than halfway up its side, like a small bowl or dish, for example.

How to clean the lens Nikon D90?

To clean the lens of your Nikon D90, you need to:

Take out the camera battery.

Ensure that the lens is not attached to the camera body or any other lenses on it.

Wipe off any dirt or dust with a microfiber cloth and ensure no streaks on the glass surface.

If there are streaks, use a wet lens tissue or cloth with water and then dry it using another dry lens tissue or cloth until all smudges have been removed from the surface of the lens glass.

Apply a drop of neutral detergent solution (NDS) onto a microfiber cloth and apply it to the front element of your lens for about 30 seconds before wiping off any residue left behind by NDS onto another clean piece of microfiber cloth so as not to leave any streaks behind on your viewfinder screen, flash window, etc.

How often should you clean your lens?

You should clean your camera, lens, or binoculars every time you use them. It is recommended that you do this every time you are done using them to avoid any unwanted build-up of dust and dirt on the lenses.

If you are shooting indoors, you should clean your lens after each use, and if you are shooting outdoors, it is recommended to clean the lens after every 10-15 shoots.

Final Words:

Now that we’re all done with this discussion, you should better understand how to clean your Nikon Lens. You can clean the outside and inside of your lens with these methods. Be careful when cleaning the inner parts of the lens, but most importantly, be gentle. Follow these instructions and use our recommended cleaning kits to achieve the best results. A good idea would be to clean your lens twice per week.

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