Step-by-Step Guide on How to Care for Camera Lenses (Video Explained)

If you want to know how to clean a camera lens, then you are in the right place. Who doesn’t like photography?  Almost every person loves to capture their beautiful moments. But professional photographers need good DSLR cameras and clean lenses to capture those stunning images. So, cleaning the DSLR lens is crucial for any photographer who wants to capture a perfect photo.

But we must know the proper way of cleaning the DSLR lens. Maintaining the DSLR is important but cleaning the lens is more critical. If there is any dust or particles on the camera’s lens, it’ll ruin the whole image quality.  

Which brand’s DSLR lens cleaner will be best?

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There are so many brands that sell the DSLR lens cleaning kit. Choosing the best cleaning kit for your precious DSLR camera is confusing. But don’t worry at all; we listed some best lens cleaners that are excellent and affordable.

So, these are some cleaning kits of popular brands that are highly rated and affordable. 

How to run a dirt-checking test on a DSLR lens?

Following two simple methods, you can quickly check any dirt or particles on your DSLR camera lens. 

Method One:

Set the focused mood to the manual perspective on your DSLR camera. Now slowly turn the focus ring to infinity. Now you can quickly see those tiny dust and dirt in the viewfinder.

Method Two:

Take some photos of bare surfaces. Capturing the Black/white background is the best option—capture a light contextual and a dark background. Now sift through these photos. If there is any dust, it’ll show up. 

How to clean a DSLR lens with a cleaning kit?

DSLR lens cleaning kits are beneficial. Many profitable brands are selling suitable cleaning kits for DSLR lenses. But we recommend the highest-rated products on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay. Usually, these kits have five accessories inside one set: an air blower, soft-bristled brushes, cleaning wipes, microfiber cloth, and cleaning fluid. Now let’s explore the proper way of cleaning the DSLR camera lens with cleaning tools. 

CAUTION: You must wear rubber gloves before cleaning the DSLR lens kit.

Step One:

Take the air blower to blow the light dust from the DSLR lens. Blow it from a few centimeters away, and it will work nicely. 

Step Two:

Take the soft-bristled brush and clean the dust from the DSLR lens. But make sure the soft-bristled brush is made of camel or goat hair to avoid scratches while cleaning the DSLR lens.

Step Three:

Rub the cleansing wipes gently on the lens surface and throw them away immediately. Because reusing the cleaning wipes may damage your DSLR lens.

Step Four:  

Add a few drops of cleaning fluid on the microfiber cloth and rub it in a circular motion on the lens surface. It will remove oil, smudges, fingerprints, dust, and dirt. 

Now finally, you’ve finished cleaning your DSLR lens. That is the correct and proper method of cleaning the DSLR lens with cleaning tools.

How can I keep my camera lens or filter clean?

Here are some easiest and best methods to keep your DSLR lens clean.

You must permanently attach the lens cap after finishing capturing photos.

Do not keep or place your lenses in dusty or dirty areas. Always store them inside your camera bag. 

While changing lenses, please avoid windy places or weather; the dust can quickly enter your lenses by finding flow.

When changing the camera lenses, please tilt down your DSLR camera to avoid dust and dirt.

Always keep a microfiber cloth inside your camera bag. Clean the lens with a microfiber cloth after ending your photography session.

Please follow these steps daily to help keep your DSLR lenses clean.

Can I clean my camera lens without lens cleaning solutions?

Yes, you can also clean your camera lens without the cleaning solution, but it’ll not be as perfect as the previous method.

Can I clean my camera lens without lens cleaning solutions

1.  Take a lens tissue or soft cloth and gently wipe it over the camera lens. After cleaning all those light specks of dust, throw away that tissue.

2.  If there is still dirt or dust, try cleaning them with cotton buds. It will help a lot and will give a better result.

3.  Now, take lens tissue or cloth, spray a small amount of regular glass cleaner liquid on that tissue, and wipe it over the DSLR lens in a circular motion. It will clean most of the oil and smudges. Do not spray too much liquid, as it can harm your DSLR lens.

4.  Take a soft dry cloth. Make sure it’s 100% cotton, and wipe the lens again. Now you can see the lens is pretty much cleaned properly. 

5.  You can use this process to clean your filter.

You can apply this method if you don’t have cleaning kits, but we always recommend cleaning kits for the perfect cleaning process. 


There are some issues you will face while you are cleaning the DSLR lens. Sometimes there are watermarks on the DSLR lens because of applying too much cleaning fluid during the cleaning process. Please try to use a minimum amount of lens cleaning solution while cleaning, and never apply the liquid cleaner directly on the camera lens because it will harm your DSLR lens and leave some watermarks on the lens.

Do not use a cleaning kit for a very long time. Most people make this mistake. If your cleaning kit becomes old or dirty, please throw it away kindly. Dirty and old cleaning kits ruin your cleaning process and will harm your DSLR Lens. 

Always check the quality of the soft-bristled brush before cleaning it. Ensure your Soft-bristled brush is made with high-grade materials like camel or goat hair. You can also buy your soft-bristled brushes separately. Sometimes the all-in-one cleaning kit doesn’t come with an excellent soft-bristled brush.

Try to clean your DSLR lens every day with a microfiber cloth. Always carry a good quality microfiber cloth inside your camera bag. Just wiping the DSLR lens with the microfiber cloths will not take too much time, and keep your DSLR lens always clean.

Never skip the weekly cleaning session of your DSLR lens. Avoiding or skipping your camera lens cleaning sessions can create a big problem while capturing photos. 

Do not try to clean your camera lens in too hurry. Always clean the DSLR lens on a weekly holiday. Cleaning your camera lens with endurance will give a much better result.

Try to avoid making any fingerprints.

So, these were some warnings you should check out and maintain. You can now quickly clean your DSLR lens with care and achieve good image quality. 

Tips: If your DSLR camera lens becomes too dirty, please try not to clean it at home. Usually, take your camera lens to a professional DSLR lens cleaner.

Final words:

In this article, you learn about camera lenses and the cleaning process. We recommend cleaning a camera lens with the help of professionals. For regular users, try cleaning the lens every night, before and after use. We talk with many professionals; they clean lenses every night and deep clean once a week. They always keep a blower with them. You can also keep a blower for emergencies or better image quality.

When you are free, clean your lens with a soft hand. Do not break lens glass while cleaning. If you are in a hurry, then usually take a clean towel and wipe it. But avoid cleaning in a rush. 

We will try to give you all the information and follow all instructions. We hope this article will be helpful to you. 

Have a good day, guys. 

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